Photo Lab services

Photo Lab services

We offer a wide range of lab services from photo prints from any media, large format photographs to printed souvenir manufacture.

Since 2014 we are working with EpsonSurelab printers - currently the only one in Latvia.

Operator Robert works in the studio since its foundation. He worked as an operator (in lab) even in those times when colour photos were made by hands in almost complete darkness, therefore he has his steady clientele from the greatest photo masters (with such a subtle sense of colours as Robert has, I think it will be difficult to compete ...) . Gunars Binde, Maris Kundziņš, Valts Kleins, Aivars Drāznieks, Anda Krauze and many others have entrusted him to make their photographies.

Each photo, which you will make with us, Robert will process in Photoshop. And it is not advertising, you can make sure about it coming and entrusting Robert to make your photos and it does not matter whether it will be 10x15, 20x30 or 60x90cm ... (large format pictures), the result will not fail you (he will produce the best possible photo from your file).

We make different size and format colour and black and white photos from all types of media with Epson Photo Lab and the highest quality raw materials.

To ensure your photos look good and be easy to show, we offer its presentation.

We offer Computer processing and photo restoration, copy and print out documents, video dubbing and editing services.
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